Monday, 5 September 2016

Gwynoro’s life story on YouTube

Fourteen hours of recollections into 45 videos - unedited.

Also Six videos of very recent interviews with Lord Elystan Morgan

Some two years ago I stood in front of a camera and over 3 days, unrehearsed, tried to recall the central events and happenings of my life and times.

They cover in particular the period 1945 to the early part of this century.

The recordings were initially carried out to assist me with providing general base material for the book I am writing. So whilst the vast majority of it is accurate there are some inaccuracies which obviously I will correct in my book.

In addition I recently met up with Lord Elystan Morgan a man of considerable intellect, and wide experience of politics, government, constitutional issues and the law – being a former judge. WE spent a pleasant day reminiscing and also discussing current happenings including the outcome of the EU Referendum, what will happen with Brexit, the turmoil in the Labour Party, the Future of Wales and his recollections of his days in Plaid Cymru.

Six videos were recorded with Elystan and they too will be uploaded on to my YouTube channel – with more to come from him in a couple of months.

Image result for lord elystan-morgan

Intention is to upload one video a week of the 50 or so videos already processed with some priority given to Elystan’s.

Hope you will enjoy.

Here is a video I did this morning as a trailer