Friday, 10 March 2017

Gwynoro’s life story moving on - early days in Cardiff University 1962/3 and recollections of Carmarthen By-election 1966

Cardiff University 1962/3

Big change: describes how going to Cardiff in early 60’s was like going to London now! Took almost 3 hours to go by bus! In fact in the first instance his father had to take him by car to catch an N & C bus to Cardiff from Briton Ferry

Friends from the village in digs and University - Eric Hamer, Arwel Davies and Mel George; Very enjoyable times.

Describes the digs and being near Ninian Park. The days when John Charles and Ivor Allchurch were there as they were coming to the end of their playing careers;

Playing rugby for Tumble RFC and missing a cup final game through his own fault

Carmarthen By-election 1966

Talks about his involvement in the Labour Party in Cefneithin and at constituency level in Carmarthen.

Present at the selection meeting in 1966 when Gwilym Prys Davies was chosen instead of Denzil Davies.

Denzil was incomparable better but Gwilym Prys had the votes of the unions - miners and transport workers.

The problems during the campaign itself where people did not understand Gwilym Prys with such a North Wales accent.

The story of Lady Megan's illness ( altho' Gwynoro got his dates mixed up between 1965 and 1966!!)

If only the Labour Party had not only chosen the right candidate for the by election or what was more important the March '66 General Election - Gwynfor Evans would not have been heard of in Carmarthen politics other than on the County Council - he would have been just another 'also ran' as in Meirioneth and Aberdare.

The twists of fate.