Friday, 26 January 2018

Gwynoro returns to videoing 2018 - Here discusses the Brexit ongoings

Reviews the first 3 weeks of the year, mainly in relation to Brexit.

Begins with David Davis in his letter advising Mrs May that the EU is preparing papers about the consequences of a 'No Deal' scenario. Well little wonder, who after all have been saying that a 'No Deal is better than a Bad Deal'.  Mrs May even threatening to appoint a 'No Deal' Minister to prepare for such an eventuality. Of course that was always just a gimmick by Mrs May to keep her right wing EuroSceptics happy. The appointed never happened.

Then Hammond and Davis went to Germany and told businessmen there that the problem with these Brexit negotiations is the EU is not telling the UK what it wants. What? - who is leaving? Its the government's place to decide what it wants. But of course on that they are hopelessly divided.

But it was not over yet. President Macron 'came to town' and laid it on the  line to Mrs May that you cannot have the benefits like they are now and be outside the Single Market. Obvious really but the Tory Cabinet for party political reasons have been saying such things will be possible.

The video mentions other matters including Corbyn and Trump.