Saturday, 15 August 2020

'Gwynoro's People' podcast on Wales News Online meets Aneira Thomas, first NHS baby

It was a pleasure to meet up with Aneira once again. We went to the same primary school in Cefneithin, although I am a few years older and also to Gwendraeth Grammar school.

Both of us grew up with a wide range of people in Cefneithin and Foelgastell and we have shared treasured memories.

Image result for aneira thomas bookAneira by now is well known as the 'First NHS Baby' and also has published a book based on real life experiences.

The book is called 'Hold on Edna' and it is a heart warming account that goes back before the NHS came into being in 1948 

In the podcast she tells about the events surrounding her birth, family background, school life, her career as a nurse and much more.

Also refers to the people she has met over the years film stars, tv personalities and politicans along with visiting Downing Street.

In the series I ask guests to choose three pieces of music. Aneira chose:

'How Great Thou Art' - Cary Underwood
'Love Changes Everything' - Michael Ball and Alfie Boe
'In Dreams' - Roy Orbeson

Take a listen.

and maybe read this as well.