Monday, 11 April 2016

The Government’s Case for Remaining in the EU

This is a very factual analysis – well supported by links to further information

Remaining in the EU is Government policy – entitled to make its case.

As I understand the situation householders in Wales and Scotland will not receive the Government’s publication by post until after the elections in both countries. That I think is a good decision.

Nevertheless with the best will in the world the two campaigns will not only overlap but there are vital issues involved such as agriculture and the rural economy, science and technology, various aspects of infrastructure and regional development programmes, future of the steel industry and the wider economy that are pertinent to the two campaigns.
So I thought I would attach the link to the Government’s publication.

As you probably know the ‘Leave EU’ campaign – which I refer to as ‘Project Fantasy ‘  – have been complaining about this publication. I happen to believe that the Prime Minister is very generous towards some of his cabinet and government ministerial colleagues. They are able to argue against their own Government’s policy and yet retain their Ministerial portfolios and so on. 

In all of this the Government is NOT NEUTRAL and they need to remember that.