Sunday, 5 February 2017

Continuing with Gwynoro's life story - videos 11 and 12

Posted are videos nos 11 and 12 of my recollections and life story. The previous 10 are on my YouTube channel.

Eventually there will be in all some 50 uploaded - there were some 12-14 hours of filming end of 2014.  

The initial intention was to use the recordings as an aide memoire to the writing of three books that are in the pipeline for this year and next, but it was decided to place the video recordings on the channel as well, albeit that they are home video recordings.

They are being uploaded over the coming year – about one a week.

There were no rehearsals or retakes - all therefore are unedited.

Inevitably therefore some events might be not accurately recalled in datelines etc but I will correct any such errors in the books.

Gwynoro Uncut - Video 11 - his name heritage and speech impediment

Describes the background to his name;
How his grandmother disobeyed his father's instruction as to the registration of his name;
Who was he named after and the connection with St David, Patron Saint of Wales;
Speech impediment with saying the 'R' and how it became a problem at Gwendraeth G.Sc
Speech Therapy sessions
The embarrassment in pronouncing his name at times or words with the letter 'r' in them.

Gwynoro Uncut Video 12 - influence of the chapel in his teenage years

Talks about the influence of the chapel in Peniel on his teenage years;
The chapels - Peniel, Tabernacl Cefneithin, Capel Seion Drefach and Bethlehem Porthyrhyd on the whole family;
Describes a mini-revival in Peniel around 1951/52;
The possible effect that had on his father;
Describes the singing in the Dynevor Arms which was a pub just a stone's throw from Manyrafon his home