Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Early period in Parliament 1970-72 with some recollections.

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He outlines how winning the election resulted in an upheaval in the life of the young family. That during the first few weeks in Parliament along with his wife Laura and young son they stayed with his cousin Myrddin who was a policeman in the Metropolitan Police Force;
Three bus loads of party supporters came up to London on his first day at Westminster;
Describes his thoughts and impressions on entering Parliament as the youngest MP then.and the culture shock of the rules of the Westminster 'village/club';
After Parliament broke up for the summer recess they went on holiday to caravan parks in Pendine and Amroth! - had not given any thought to a holiday prior to winning the election;
Refers to the legislation of the first year or so such as the Industrial Relations Act 1970-71 and the Reform of Welsh Local Government 1971-72;
First impression of Parliament and realisation that political enemies do get on in the Westminster village;
References to a group of Welsh speaking MPs and their socialising with a couple of stories. 
The emerging divisions on the EEC, leftward move of the Labour party, devolution and Welsh issuesl 
Roy Jenkins became deputy leader 1971-72 and the first signs of a serious split in the party.
Reform of Local Government in Wales - and the Early Day Motion for an Elected Council for Wales. What happened when he leaked the story to the Western Mail.
Marked man after that!