Friday, 26 April 2019

Presentation video of the book 'Gwynoro a Gwynfor'

Explains why and how publishing the book that chronicles the political battles in the constituency of Carmarthen between 1966 and 1974

Here's a 10 minute video telling the story of why and how we published the book ‘Gwynoro a Gwynfor’. The book chronicles the political battles in the constituency of Carmarthen between 1966 and 1974, focusing on the two MP’s in the constituency at that time - Plaid Cymru’s first MP, Gwynfor Evans, and Gwynoro Jones. The book describes the level of bitterness, intensity and at times hostility that existed not only between the two of us but our political parties and their members and supporters. Wales has never seen such a politically volatile period.

The book talks about the July 1966 by election, Plaid Cymru’s first parliamentary victory, an account of the three year period of political battles prior to the 1970 General Election - including talking about issues such as the various nationalist bombing campaigns of the period, the Investiture of the Prince of Wales and Gwynfor’s intended visit to Vietnam during its war with the US, It tells of Gwynoro’s victory in the 1970 General Election, when he took the seat from Gwynfor. In 1974, the two faced each other again in a General Election, not once but twice as there were two elections that year. Gwynoro won the first, by a dramatic three votes but Gwynfor won the second.

In telling the story of the two men, Gwynoro also sheds some light on the Labour Party’s attitude to devolution; he shares his disillusionment with the Labour Party which started during the first few years of being an MP .

The book ends on Gwynoro's self reflection on his relationship with Gwynfor and the attitude of the two to the  ‘Independence’ question. It becomes evident that the two weren’t as far apart s the volatile 70’s suggested