Thursday 28 May 2020

From politics, school inspections to broadcasting and journalism

Never too old to learn new skills and make a contribution. 

The story so far.

My learning experience with #LlanelliOnLine   #WalesNewsOnline  #LlanelliTalkRadio and more. Learnt a lot about the important contribution of #hyperlocals

Is it Cummings’ government now?

This is a short article I wrote on #WalesNewsOnline

Fact is no PM from Harold Wilson to Theresa May (9 of them) would have tolerated what Cummings did and most certainly not a press conference in the Downing Street Rose Garden to boot

I have a hunch that Boris Johnson will come to regret securing the prize of becoming PM for which, he has struggled so long. I say this because it is my belief that the experience of the premiership ....