Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Gwenno Dafydd composes her words to the European Anthem 'Ode To Joy'

Gwenno wrote her words in both Welsh and English as an outpouring of her grief in leaving the European Union. 

She lived in Brussels and Gent, in Belgium for a total of five years and her husband comes from Belgium. She led the singing on behalf of the Welsh contingency in Green Park during the last Anti Brexit march in London  when she sang the first verse of the English version extensively all the way to Parliament Square. You can read more about her work here.

Gwenno Dafydd is a freelance professional ‘Leadership and Public Speaking Coach’ and has  been a professional performer and writer since 1980. She has published a book about women in comedy, (Stand Up & Sock it to them Sisters. Funny, Feisty Females)  performs a one woman show about Edith Piaf entitled ‘Passionate about Piaf and has written over a hundred lyrics including the (bilingual)  Saint David’s Day Anthem,

'Ode to Joy'

We are stronger all together
Let our voices be as one
Sisters, brothers stand together
Join our voices in one song
Europe is our home and harbour
Brining peace and harmony 
We will fall once we’re divided
We must stay one family

We will grieve forever leaving
Our united family
Lies were spun by those deceiving
Lies to stop us being free
We were stronger as one union
Nor apart but part of you
Though we now are separating
We will always love EU 

We are all so broken hearted
And the future feels so dark
Though the embers are still growing
We have lost our vital spark
Though our hearts are sad and heavy 
And our future feels less bright
We will never give up hoping 
And today begins our fight. 

© Gwenno Dafydd 22nd January 2010

** Gwenno will be singing this in German, Welsh and English at the Wales For Europe event by the Aneurin Bevan statue Saturday morning Feb 1st.