Wednesday 17 May 2017

The 1970 General Election campaign in Carmarthen

Including events a year earlier leading up to the June election

Describes how the local Labour Party had developed into an effective organisation over the 3 years previous;

How he had a pretty good idea some 6 months before the election that he was most probably going to win because of the organisation, the campaigning since 1967 and events that helped along the way;

Refers to two events that made Gwynfor Evans somewhat of a laughing stock and damaged his image. 

His actions during the Investiture of the Prince of Wales in 1969 and
how the so described by his supporters as the 'Member for Wales' tried to go to Vietnam on a Peace Mission.

Then moves on to the election night and the celebrations in Guildhall Square ( he got it wrong about his mother dancing it was with his then father in law )  - but he was not able to emerge via the front of the Civic Hall victorious.

Then the celebrations in the Dynevor Arms ( only some 150 yards from his place of birth where he had lived for 23 years ). Here he gets a bit emotional describing the scene - thinking of family, friends and neighbours he had been brought up with and also loyal Labour party workers ( all gone now!);

The cavalcade across the constituency. of well over a 100 cars.