Thursday 24 December 2015

Festive Season good wishes from Gwynoro

Revised Dec 25 2017

This is to wish all my family and friends along with the thousands of acquaintances and connections I have made through social media over the last two years. 

A Happy Christmas and a healthy and fruitful New Year

This video is from Christmas 2015 but the central message is as relevant today as back then.

Christmas unites people in mind and spirit and brings together families, friends and acquaintances far and near;

This time of the year also helps us to appreciate what we have in our lives - that we far too often take for granted;

I trust that the true meaning of the Festive season fill our hearts and minds with good thoughts and deeds;

Remembering all those at home and abroad who are considerably less fortunate than ourselves, who live in fear, turmoil, despair, hunger and yearn for peace and safety in this increasingly troubled and turbulent world.

The information given at the end of the video has changed by now with some 75k 'views, hits, comments' a month on my various social media sites. Grateful to everyone for that.