Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Look out Welsh Assembly – The Hamilton’s are coming!

Whilst trawling through YouTube I came across a video of Mostyn and his wife Christine in full flow!

It was only when Neil Hamilton showed a serious interest in standing for the Welsh Assembly as a candidate for UKIP that he revealed that his was first name is Mostyn.  
He also revealed that he has always had ‘hiraeth’ for Wales.  That by the way could be so only he truthfully knows!
Mostyn was born Fleur-de-Lis, a pit village near Blackwood, his father worked for the coal board and his grandfathers were both coal miners.
His schooling was at Amman Valley Grammar School and then Aberystywth University .

Neil Hamilton pictured in the Amman Valley Grammar School's 1966 school photograph

He is famous for many things – an archetypal Englishman, losing his Conservative Parliamentary seat amid allegations of taking cash for questions and the television appearances with his wife Christine.
However not many people are aware of this performance by the couple.  

In 2006, the couple showed their support for England's World Cup campaign of that year with their very own song. Apparently not many people bought the song or saw the video, but here it is. Enjoy!  Ctrl/click and view