Sunday, 2 May 2021

Whose Wales?

 The battle for Welsh devolution and nationhood 1880-2020

We’re almost there! After more than two years of work by my co-author Alun Gibbard and me, the book will be released within the next week or so.

 In a nutshell, it asks can any political party claim the credit for securing the devolution we now have in Wales. We look at how our devolution has evolved through twists, turns, and many battles from Lloyd George, to Gwynfor Evans, to Mark Drakeford.

What started as a project expecting to be about 60,000 words turned out in the end to reach 115,000 - there was a great deal to say!

It is comprehensive in its political content and breadth of historic detail. It’s divided into four sections:

·         The Devolution Crucible 1880 – 1966

·         The Carmarthen Cauldron 1966 -1974

·         The Road to Referendum 1974 – 1979

·         Years of Respite and Return 1979 – 2020

The volume contains prefaces by historian Sir Deian Hopkin and Political Editor Martin Shipton. There are two appendices, one by David Melding, the former Conservative MS, on a federal model solution for Wales and the other by Glyndwr Cennydd Jones on a sovereign Wales in a UK confederation.